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Stew Webb U.S. Federal Whistle blower

Christian, Home Builder turned U.S Federal Whistle blower – Informant, Stew Webb married in 1981 Kerre S. Millman “The Bush Crime Family” bankers daughter, threw payoffs and bribes to Judges in order to terminate Stewart Webb’s parental rights (1984) with his daughter Amanda Webb, (aka Amanda Millman dob 7-14-84) Stew turned Whistle blower to the FBI (1986) and found himself being turned on immediately by the power of his unknown, CIA/Bush Crime Family Banker, CFR Director, Knights Templar, Republican/Scamster, council of 13 member and former father in law Leonard Millman. Since 1984 – todate, I Stew Webb have been arrested falsely over 30 times, held one-time 10 1/2 month period as a political prisoner September 1991 – July 1992. Subsequently all charges have been dismissed with perjury or hung juries, And I Stew Webb have had 40 attempts upon my life. I was offered $7,000,000.00 (seven million dollars in 1997 to go away and shut up,I asked do I get to see my Daughter Amanda Webb at least 2 times per month?The answer was your Daughter is not part of the agreement, I said no…

Stew Webb

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