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Juliet Mills

In 1996 I had visions of Lord God warning me of end of the world. My family and I grew up on the Western beaches of Iran as my father was a deep sea diver.

They believe like Muslims that Jesus is a waste. For having visions of God and Jesus as I am Jewish I was referred to mental health services.

Forced against my will to take medications that make me sleep all day and put on heavy amounts of weight. Making it impossible to hold a job down and live a nice life.

Do I go back and tell them....I told U so? Yes no I do. Today I read tarot for a living. I tell them remember when I told U I was psychic, remember when I told U the end for evil was coming? Yes I do.

Today I am still on a mild medication as they tell me that I have bi polar and psychic powers and this is totally unfair.

One day I plan to go back and sue Queensland Health. This is so they can never offend me again.

I just wanted to bless people to know U r not crazy or at least not all crazy. Everyone gets a false prophet once and a while. A false vision but learning without persecution is necessary . Remember how much U do get right and some visions just haven't had time to come true yet.

Psychiatry is damned. Doctors with I'm Ur new god complex. Doctors that prefer people in a chemical straight jacket instead of expressing their emotions r not cool. There r so many cases of misdiagnosis and I am just one of many.

Bless U all so much, 

Juliet Mills